CCISO Certification Training

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CCISO Certification Training | Certified Chief Information Security Officer Training Course with hands-on labs (Online, Onsite and Classroom Live)

CCISO Certification Training; Certified Chief Information Security Officer (CCISO) is an industry-leading cyber security program that recognizes the real-world experience necessary to succeed at the highest executive levels of information security. Essentially, CCISO aims to bridge the gap between the executive management knowledge that CISO’s need and the technical knowledge that many aspiring CISO’s have.

This CCISO Certification Training or Certified Chief Information Security Officer Training course aims to instruct students on all of the components required for C-level positions. Class participants will analyze a combination of topics—such as audit management, governance, IS controls, human capital management, strategic program development, and more—from EC-Council’s five (5) identified information security management domains, all of which are created by established Chief Information Security Officer’s (CISO). Additionally, this CCISO Certification Training or Certified Chief Information Security Officer Training course is also a great resource for those interested in writing the CCISO certification exam issued by EC-Council.

Duration: 5 days

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Customize It
  • We can adapt this CCISO Certification Training course to your group’s background and work requirements at little to no added cost.
  • If you are familiar with some aspects of this CCISO Certification Training course, we can omit or shorten their discussion.
  • We can adjust the emphasis placed on the various topics or build the CCISO Certification Training course around the mix of technologies of interest to you (including technologies other than those included in this outline).
  • If your background is nontechnical, we can exclude the more technical topics, include the topics that may be of special interest to you (e.g., as a manager or policy-maker), and present the CCISO Certification Training course in manner understandable to lay audiences.
Audience / Target Group

The intended audience for our CCISO Certification Training program is an IT professional who is involved with information security management. CCISO can be a great fit for the following roles or situations:

  • You aspire to attain the highest regarded title within the information security profession – CISO
  • You currently serve as an official CISO
  • You perform CISO functions yet don’t have the official title
CCISO Certification Training - Prerequisites:
  • Candidates interested in earning the CCISO Certification must qualify via EC-Council’s Exam Eligibility application before sitting for the CCISO Exam. Only students with at least five years of experience in three of the five domains are permitted to sit for the CCISO Exam. Any student who does not qualify to sit for the exam or who does not fill out the application will be permitted to take the EC-Council Information Security Manager (EISM) exam and earn that certification. EISMs may then apply for the CCISO Exam once they have achieved the required years of experience.

Please note - The exam eligibility form will be emailed with your joining instructions and must be submitted to EC Council - before attending training. The completed form can be sent to - Please contact your account manager if this has not been received.

CCISO Certification Training - Objectives:

This official EC-Council CCISO Certification training seminar reviews all 5 of the comprehensive domains that were created by EC-Council for CCISO, ensuring our students successfully prepare for the CCISO certification exam while also enhancing their overall competencies in information security management.

  • Domain 1: Governance
  • Domain 2: Security Risk Management, Controls, and Audit Management
  • Domain 3: Security Program Management and Operations
  • Domain 4: Information Security Core Concepts
  • Domain 5: Strategic Planning, Finance, and Vendor Management
CCISO Certification Training - Course Content:

Domain 1


  • Information Security Management Program
  • Defining an Information Security Governance Program
  • Regulatory and Legal Compliance
  • Risk Management

Domain 2

IS Management Controls and Auditing Management

  • Designing, deploying, and managing security controls
  • Understanding security controls types and objectives
  • Implementing control assurance frameworks
  • Understanding the audit management process

Domain 3

Management - Projects and Operations

  • The role of the CISO
  • Information Security Projects
  • Integration of security requirements into other operational processes (change management, version control, disaster recovery, etc.)

Domain 4

Information Security Core Competencies

  • Access Controls
  • Physical Security
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning
  • Network Security
  • Threat and Vulnerability Management
  • Application Security
  • System Security
  • Encryption
  • Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing
  • Computer Forensics and Incident Response

Domain 5

Strategic Planning and Finance

  • Security Strategic Planning
  • Alignment with business goals and risk tolerance
  • Security emerging trends
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Financial Planning
  • Development of business cases for security
  • Analyzing, forecasting and developing a capital expense budget
  • Analyzing, forecasting, and developing an operating expense budget
  • Return on Investment and cost-benefit analysis
  • Vendor Management
  • Integrating security requirements into the contractual agreement and procurement process

Taken together these five Domains of the C | CISO program translate to a thoroughly knowledgeable, competent executive information security practitioner

Exam Info:

  • EC Council’s CCISO Exam
  • Exam Format : Multiple Choice
  • Total number of questions : 250
  • Exam duration : 4 Hours
  • Required passing score : 70%

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