Aerospace and Defense Engineering Training Courses

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Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace and Defense Engineering Training Courses

Aerospace & Defense Engineering Training courses by ENO are combinations of science and engineering practices and concepts that are required to create the civil, commercial and military aircrafts and spacecraft. Generally speaking, “defense” means equipment, support, and communication systems covering the land warfare, as well as the surface warships and submarines. ENO intends to cover all areas of aerospace and defense engineering that is applied in these fields.

Aerospace engineering is the main area of engineering that addresses aircraft and spacecraft development. It is categorized into two main and overlapping branches: aeronautical engineering and astronomics engineering. Aerospace engineering used to be called as aeronautical engineering, but as flight technology expanded to contain craft function in outer space, the wider term of “aerospace engineering” has mainly substituted it in common usage. Aerospace engineering in particular, the astronautics category, is sometimes referred to as “rocket science”, which is a wrong term to use.

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