CompTIA A+ Certification Training

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CompTIA A+ Certification Training Course with Hands-on Labs (Online, Onsite and Classroom Live)

Prepare for the CompTIA A+ certification with our CompTIA A+ Certification Training.

CompTIA’s A+ certification is the industry standard for validating the foundational skills needed by today’s computer support technicians and is included in the approved list of certifications to meet DoD Directive 8570.1 requirements. This international vendor-neutral certification requires that you pass two exams: CompTIA A+ Essentials Exam 220-1001 and Practical Application Exam 220-1002.

In this CompTIA A+ Certification Training course that’s focused on CompTIA A+ certification exam preparation, you'll gain the needed knowledge of basic computer hardware and operating systems. With A+ Certification Training, you will cover the essential principles of installing, building, upgrading, repairing, configuring, troubleshooting, optimizing, and preventative maintenance on desktop and laptop computers. You will also learn the elements of customer service and communication skills necessary to work with clients. Instructor-led practice exams and quizzes help reinforce course concepts and exam readiness.

Our A+ Prep Course courseware has received CompTIA Authorized Quality Curriculum (CAQC) approval. The CompTIA CAQC symbol assures you that all test objectives are covered in the training material.

What’s Included

  • 5 Days of A+ Certification Training from an Authorized Instructor
  • CompTIA approved A+ Training Student Guide
  • CompTIA approved A+ Labs
  • CompTIA approved A+ Practice Exams
  • 1 CompTIA A+ Exam Voucher
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Exam Pass Guarantee

Duration: 5 days

  • The Official CompTIA A+ Certification Core 1 Study Guide (Exam 220-1001) by by James Pengelly and Pam Taylor -Kindle/Amazon
  • CompTIA A+ Certification All-in-One Exam Guide, Tenth Edition (Exams 220-1001 & 220-1002) Paperback/Amazon by Mike Meyers
  • CompTIA A+ Certification Complete Study Guide: Exam Core 1 220-1001 and Exam Core 2 220-1002 by Quentin Docter and Jon Buhagiar
  • CompTIA A+ Certification Complete Deluxe Study Guide: Exam Core 1 220-1001 and Exam Core 2 220-1002 by Quentin Docter - Hardcover/Amazon
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Customize It
  • We can adapt this CompTIA A+ Certification Training course to your group’s background and work requirements at little to no added cost.
  • If you are familiar with some aspects of this CompTIA A+ Certification Training course, we can omit or shorten their discussion.
  • We can adjust the emphasis placed on the various topics or build the CompTIA A+ Certification Training course around the mix of technologies of interest to you (including technologies other than those included in this outline).
  • If your background is nontechnical, we can exclude the more technical topics, include the topics that may be of special interest to you (e.g., as a manager or policy-maker), and present the A+ Certification Training course in manner understandable to lay audiences.
Audience / Target Group

The target audience for this A+ Certification Training course is defined here:

  • Individuals seeking CompTIA A+ certification (220-801/220-802)
CompTIA A+ Certification Training - Prerequisites

The knowledge and skills that a learner must have before attending this CompTIA A+ Certification Training course are:

  • End-user skills with Windows-based PCs
  • Basic knowledge of computing concepts
  • CompTIA IT Fundamentals Certification
CompTIA A+ Certification Training - Objectives:

After completing this CompTIA A+ Certification Training course, attendees will be able to:

  • Prepare for the latest A+ certification exams.
  • Support basic IT infrastructure, including endpoint management, advanced device connectivity troubleshooting, and basic networking.
  • Configure and support PC, mobile and IoT device hardware, including components, connectors and peripherals.
  • Implement basic data backup and recovery methods and apply data storage and management best practices.
  • Demonstrate baseline security skills for IT support professionals, including detecting and removing malware, addressing privacy concerns, physical security and device hardening.
  • Configure device operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, Android and iOS and administer client-based as well as cloud-based (SaaS) software.
  • Troubleshoot and problem solve core service and support challenges while applying best practices for documentation, change management, and the use of scripting in IT support.
CompTIA A+ Certification Training - Course Content:


    1. Troubleshooting theory
    2. Safety
    3. Professionalism

Motherboards and CPUs

    1. Motherboards
    2. CPUs

Power supplies and power connectors

    1. Power supply connectors
    2. Power supply installation
    3. Power supply troubleshooting


    1. Read-only memory
    2. Random access memory

Computer expansion

    1. Expansion interfaces
    2. Expansion card installation
    3. Connectors and cables

Physical storage

    1. Disk drives
    2. RAID storage
    3. Optical drives
    4. Other storage methods

Input-Output devices

    1. Input devices
    2. Output devices
    3. Dual input-output devices

Display devices

    1. Display technologies
    2. Display management

Operating systems

    1. Windows versions and features
    2. Non-Windows operating systems
    3. Operating system installation and upgrades
    4. Applications and scripting

Windows management

    1. Operating system features and tools
    2. Control Panel utilities
    3. Command-line tools
    4. Windows troubleshooting

Network basics

    1. Classifying networks
    2. Network devices
    3. Internet connections

Network cables and connectors

    1. Twisted-pair connections
    2. Coaxial connections
    3. Optical media

Network protocols

    1. TCP/IP settings
    2. Transport protocols
    3. Application protocols

Wireless networking

    1. Wireless technology
    2. Wi-Fi standards

Windows networking

    1. Network shares
    2. Network connections
    3. Connection troubleshooting

Virtualization and cloud computing

    1. Virtualization
    2. Cloud computing

Mobile devices

    1. Mobile device types
    2. Mobile device configuration
    3. Mobile device troubleshooting

Security principles

    1. Threats and vulnerabilities
    2. Security controls

Security technologies

    1. Operating system security
    2. Security hardware and software

Securing devices and data

    1. Workstation security
    2. Mobile device security
    3. Security troubleshooting

SOHO network configuration

    1. SOHO router features
    2. Network security

Printers and multi-function devices

    1. Printer technologies
    2. Printer installation and maintenance
    3. Printer troubleshooting

Custom computers

    1. Custom computer considerations

Operational procedures

    1. IT operations
    2. Environmental factors
    3. Incident response
    4. Backup and recovery
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Time Frame: 0-3 Months4-12 Months