Regulatory Compliance Services

Regulatory Compliance Consulting

Most organizations must comply with one or more regulations and understanding all of them can be an overwhelming and frustrating endeavor. The reality is that even more regulations that companies need to be compliant with are coming down the legislative pipe, which will only add to the confusion.

ENO Security has mapped U.S. and many foreign regulations to control objectives. But providing control objectives is not enough – we have also developed step-by-step methods on how to integrate security into the current business processes. Security needs to be integrated into the operational, tactical, and strategic levels of every organization. Most companies do not understand how to map regulatory requirements, control objectives, technical requirements, and business requirements together into one holistic security program, but this is what ENO Institute excels at.

Our team has developed tested methods of moving these methods and mappings from theory to practical. We are successful because we educate and integrate security at each level of the organization. Each level is different, with different goals, perspectives and even terminology. Holistic security cannot be accomplished unless it is interweaved throughout the organization and an understandable manner.

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