DoDAF Training Curriculum

DoDAF and UAF Training Curriculum

Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF), Version 2.0 is the overarching, comprehensive framework and conceptual model enabling the development of architectures to facilitate the ability of Department of Defense (DoD) managers at all levels to make key decisions more effectively through organized information sharing across the Department, Joint Capability Areas (JCAs), Mission, Component, and Program boundaries.

DoDAF serves as one of the principal pillars supporting the DoD Chief Information Officer (CIO) in his responsibilities for development and maintenance of architectures required under the Clinger-Cohen Act. DoDAF is prescribed for the use and development of Architectural Descriptions in the Department. It also provides extensive guidance on the development of architectures supporting the adoption and execution of Net-centric services within the Department.

DoDAF V2.0 focuses on architectural “data”, rather than on developing individual “products” as described in previous versions. In general, data can be collected, organized, and stored by a wide range of architecture tools developed by commercial sources. It is anticipated that these tools will adopt the DM2 PES for the exchange of architectural data. DoDAF V2.0 provides a Data Capture Method for each data group of the DM2 to guide architects in collecting and organizing the necessary architectural data.

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