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Data Security and Privacy Solutions

Data is at the center of all information security concerns. Organizations have highly valued intellectual property and other sensitive content that must be protected to meet operational and regulatory requirements. Not only do most organizations have to be concerned about the confidentiality of their own data, but they must also take precautions to ensure that the data they hold for their partners and customers is handled securely. Identifying where the data resides, who has access to it, and how the data is being used is one of the biggest challenges for a security team.

Another critical aspect of data security is classification. Unless they classify data as it is being created, collected, amended, enhanced, stored, or transmitted, organizations are vulnerable to data breaches because they can’t easily determine the extent to which the data needs to be protected.

Using an approach that includes people, process, and technology, ENO Security Data Security team helps you build a comprehensive strategy to identify, classify and secure your data. Our consultants recognize business drivers and goals and tailor solutions to meet each organization’s specific initiatives. Using a rigorous methodology, our consultants examine business processes, data repositories, and external connections to create a data flow analysis that clearly depicts where your sensitive data is at rest, in use, and in motion. Working with your stakeholders, our consultants map out data flows, classify data/content, and develop the appropriate security strategy and controls to ensure the data is handled appropriately. Working with this information enables your organization to make the right decisions regarding how your data should be secured.

  • Data Classification Review
  • Data Lifecycle Analysis
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

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