Course Delivery Options

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Course Delivery Options

Explore our online and in-person options to get the training you need and the flexibility you want

Choose from our convenient delivery formats to get the training you and your team need—where, when and how you want it. Whether it’s in a classroom or online, public or private, synchronous or asynchronous, ENO Security has a delivery option to match your needs and preferences. Our course delivery formats enable you to balance your schedule while gaining real-world, relevant skills in a stimulating environment.

Learn more about our course delivery formats and how each supports your training goals, learning needs and budget.

Train in a live, interactive environment from the location of your choice!

Get all of the advantages of ENO Institute classroom training-but without the travel! Instructor-Led Online (ILO) courses, each taught by the institute vendor-certified instructors, feature the same content and labs as our classroom sessions but in a virtual environment delivered via WebEx or Zoom. Our strictly managed online program guarantees you will receive the highest level of education quality.

Some of the key features of our Virtual Classroom are:

  • Low bandwidth requirements
  • Voice and video for remote students to interact with the Instructor
  • Electronic whiteboard for Instructor notes
  • Virtual Classroom Live instructors are the same subject matter experts who lead our Classroom courses.
  • Access production-quality technical labs to reinforce skills with hands-on activities.
  • Instructor and peer interaction are seamless in our online classroom environment.
  • Class recordings are indexed and searchable for 12 months so you can revisit a specific topic or catch up on something you missed.
  • Train without traveling by accessing our virtual training from your home, office or anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Select from multiple time zones to ensure you’re training at the time that’s most convenient to your schedule.
Experience unparalleled face-to-face learning!

Receive engaging and relevant instructor-led training, collaborate with your peers and gain real-world skills while in a comfortable, ready-to-learn atmosphere. Our Classroom Live training locations are strategically designed to ensure that you master core concepts with in-person instruction and interactions. This class to job transition requires instructors who go above and beyond the course books and labs to create an educational environment that caters to the unique needs of each student. Experience our subject matter experts, superior content and relevant hands-on labs in more than 50 classroom locations across North America.

Benefits of Classroom Training:

  • Comfortable learning environments in training centers across the country and around the world
  • Personal interaction with peers and instructors that creates a collaborative learning environment
  • Lab exercises that simulate real-world technical issues providing students hands-on troubleshooting experience
  • Focus and thrive in an environment that supports learning. Our training centers are equipped with work stations and other classroom essentials tailored for learning.
  • Engage with relevant course content. Topical, results-oriented content and exercises mean you’ll gain the skills you need and be ready to use them.
  • Learn more using state-of-the-art equipment. Use pre-programmed, ready-to-go tools and technology designed for professional development.
Receive private training for teams online and in-person!

ENO Institute understands that in today’s business environment budgets and timelines are both being squeezed when implementing new technologies in your business. We also understand how difficult it is to get your staff trained in a timely manner on those new technologies. To help your team get up to speed quickly and in a cost effective way, we offer dedicated On-Site training delivery.Sessions can be held at your business location or delivered via our Virtual Classroom™ technology to accommodate your core team plus remote team members or in a completely virtual Instructor-Led Online format if all candidates are remote. If needed, content can be tailored to meet your technology implementation requirements. . We will work with you to understand your business objectives and design a specialized training solution to assist you in achieving your project goals.

Need Customization? We understand that some pre-packaged courses do not always meet the needs of our corporate clients. ENO Institute has the unique ability to create courses combined from one vendor’s content or multiple content sources. Our multi-vendor courses combining Cisco, NetApp and VMware topics are meeting the needs of today’s multi-vendor implementations.

Benefits of On-Site Training:

  • Group training where and when you need it with no travel costs
  • Choice of location or delivery modality
  • Personal interaction with colleagues and instructors creates a collaborative learning environment tailored to your unique business demands
  • Lab exercises that simulate real-world technical issues providing students hands-on administrative and troubleshooting experience
  • Train a distributed team with Connected Classroom Live. Ensure consistent skills and collaborative learning across teams with this blend of online and classroom training that provides the convenience of on-site delivery while accommodating remote attendees.
  • Tailor curriculum to fit your situation. Customize course content, use cases, labs and more to focus on the concepts your team needs to know.
  • Get convenience and privacy while saving money. Reduce your cost per student while enjoying convenient, private training for your entire team.
  • Get consistent training for multiple employees, including new hires. Ensure that all employees receive the same instruction on the same topics—ideal for managing regulatory compliance initiatives, simplifying complex project launches and software migrations, and reducing adoption risks.