An efficient vulnerability management process cannot be implemented without a solid foundation of essential resources, mechanisms, expectations and security policies.

  • Do you understand ALL of your organization’s vulnerabilities?
  • Have you rolled out an effective event correlation program?
  • Has your company implemented an incident response team?
  • How do you determine where to focus your limited resources?
  • Have you carried out an impact analysis to understand what your critical assets are?
  • Are your assets classified based on their corresponding business impact?
  • Is your asset classification mapped to your patch management program?
  • Are you sure that all doorways in and out of your environment are being monitored?

If you don’t know the answers, you’re not efficiently managing vulnerabilities — you’re simply trying to plug holes as they appear. Without a solid foundation, you’re doomed to work in a reactive mode, with no way to validate budgets or measure performance, effectiveness or exposure to threats and risk.


Allow our consultants to work with your organization and implement a solid vulnerability management program today! In today’s environment the lack of a solid vulnerability management program can not only put your company at risk – it can put it out of business all together.

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