It doesn’t seem like you can pick up a newspaper today without reading about the latest breach of an organization’s confidential data. The latest breach occurring at Sony highlights that network security is no longer a “nice to have” but a “must have.” With the Sony breach, it appears that the hackers were more interested in destroying Sony’s reputation rather than stealing intellectual property. Many observers have commented that this breach could affect Sony for years as their reputation is now tarnished. On top of that, the financial impact is projected to be in the millions.Unfortunately when these breaches occur, most companies don’t know where to turn for help. Most are notified by the FBI that a breach occurred in the first place. So where do you turn?

There are a lot of companies that market that they have incident response services but what is their real experience? At Eno, we have made a conscience decision to partner with the leader in Incident Response rather than trying to create our own team. We believe some our competitors who do have “incident response” teams have significantly underestimated the complexity that a good incident team must have to be effective. Just because you are good at architecting a firewall solution doesn’t mean you have the expertise to handle an incident investigation. In today’s cyber security environment, we would recommend that all organizations develop a plan in advance if there is a breach. ENO Institute can offers our customers two tools to protect their organization’s confidential information.


The best time to contact an incident response team is when you don’t have an incident, not after you have had an incident. This will allow your organization to negotiate SLA’s and support in advance if there is a breach. The investment depends on how quickly you need your organization protected. There is no cost at its most basic level other than your legal team reviewing the contract. It’s strongly recommended to all our customers at a minimum to have an Incident Response Retainer. You don’t want to deal with negotiating contracts and terms after a breach and waste time that could be put towards preventing further damage.


ENO Security has conducted hundreds of investigations where advanced attack groups have compromised well-guarded networks and removed valuable information. During the course of these investigations, ENO Institute has developed specialized knowledge about how advanced attack groups operate. The Compromise Assessment couples that intelligence and experience with Enosecurity’s proprietary technology to determine if attackers are currently in the environment or have been active in the past. It’s better to know, rather than in some cases, have the FBI knocking on your door.

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