This was a phenomenal class! The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and crafted the exercises so that we truly learned the material. I have a whole new appreciation for how vulnerabilities are exploited. I have gained very practical skills and knowledge in this class which will help me tremendously in my job. I will highly recommend this course to all of my co-workers. This class should be a must for any true security professional. There were several moments during the week when I was amazed at how vulnerable systems truly are. The practical labs and competition teams made the experience fun. I have learned some extremely valuable skills

Course Taken: Systems Forensics, Investigation, and Response

Nina Beritalla, Security Specialist - Ecobank

I got a lot out of the real world scenarios presented in class. Brian is very knowledgeable in the field of Intrusion Prevention. Would definitely take classes again if he is the instructor. The course books are a great reference, and it was nice to have a dedicated training laptop provided by Enosecurity and not have to bring my own and waste time installing programs during class.

Course Taken: Intrusion Prevention Training

Tiffany LIoyd, Security Analyst - Northrop Grumman

The instructor was superb. I never had a better instructor teach a class. I do mean ever. He kept it entertaining as well as informational. He was able to apply theory along with real world examples. He stayed late to teach us on topics and discuss. He was truly top notch. ... I will be taking another class from your school in the future. Along with recommending my friends to your school

Course Taken: 4g/LTE Security

Kofi , Sr. Engineer - General Dynamics (4)